The client’s task was to create a company headquarters that continues a strong glassmaking tradition and combines glass and light in a contemporary language. The company´s artefacts are located around the world and are one of the best in the glass industry.

The client bought two historic houses in the centre of Nový Bor with the intention of converting them into the company’s headquarters. The houses historically used to be a glass workshops. During the times people lived in these buildings and underwent a varied building development during its two hundred years of existence. By the end of the second half of the twentieth century, even a glassmaking school took a place in these buildings. After their long lasting tradition they were declared as cultural monuments.

The architecture reflects strong tradition of glassmaking, which is followed by the work and design of the LASVIT Company. The design interprets a typical two-storey glass house in its current form and complements the complex into one functional unit. The original houses from the beginning of the 19th century are supplemented with a two new ones. A glass house, which is a company´s internal café, a meeting room and also a library of samples. The second is a black house, which offers space for the presentation of 1:1 samples of glass objects that can weigh up to 5 tons.

The overall design of the project reflects the longstanding tradition of glass making that Lasvit represents and promotes. The two traditional buildings from the early 19th century were completed with another two similarly sized and shaped abstract black and white volumes to create a harmonic and functional compound.