OVA - tým

The studio’s objective is to find unique answers to clients’ unique requests.

Every developer, location and construction agenda offers new contexts and new perspectives. The studio works on diverse projects, from the designing of family houses to the urban layouts of the centers of municipalities. The studio is the general designer of all project phases, entailing the pilot study, the building permit process and implementing documentation, including oversight. Both of the studio’s agents are architects authorized by the Czech Chamber of Architects (ČKA). The studio collaborates with a stable selection of specialized project engineers.

Our Clients are ŠKODA AUTO a.s., ČSOB a.s., Lasvit s.r.o., Kubík a.s., Slavonická renesanční o.p.s, Tipsport a.s., Centra a.s., Renoenergie a.s., hlavní město Praha, MČ Praha 6, MČ Praha 10, Vinohradský pivovar s.r.o., VŠCHT, Aeskulab…

The OV-A architectural studio was founded by Jiří Opočenský (1978) and Štěpán Valouch (1977) in 2007.