The studio’s objective is to find unique answers to clients’ unique requests.

Jiří Opočenský and Štěpán Valouch established the architectural office in 2007. Together with the team, they realized a number of projects of various types and sizes. Their buildings are distinguished by an authentic detail-oriented design with a strong connection to the place. During the design process, the emphasis is focused on the dialogue with the client, clear operational links and the construction details. They are looking for timeless design solutions, unique spatial concept and cost appropriate to the client´s intentions. The practice participates regularly in architectural competitions, many of which they have been successful in winning.

The OV-A team has grown to fifteen full-time members with the office´s partner and authorised architect Ondřej Králík. The project for Lasvit headquarters has won the main prize in Czech Architecture Award 2020 and together with the Community House in Slavonice they were nominated for European award for architecture Mies van der Rohe. Štěpán Valouch runs a design studio at the Faculty of Architecture ČVUT. The practice published a book on built projects for the tenth-year anniversary. Jiří Opočenský and Štěpán Valouch also take part in Czech and international competitions as jurors.

The OV-A architectural studio was founded by Jiří Opočenský (1978) and Štěpán Valouch (1977) in 2007.