Basic design thesis:

-The hall is inspired by its industrial poetics -Labyrinth of embedded objects that creates a wide range of spatial scenes and nooks

-Tension between alternating opening and gripping, between intimate and public

-The client’s / visitor’s journey is guided by discovery and surprise

-The shapes of the walls are based on the LASVIT logo, they embody lightness, flow and mystery

-Clearly separated spaces of heated heated workplaces from the temperate showroom

-The passage lined with glass becomes a lure for passers-by and a representative entrance

The spaces of the future Hub are divided into two basic parts, a showroom in the former hall and a workplace for permanent employees and their facilities in smaller heated rooms. The hall deserves to be left in its original form, cleaned of the passage of time. Rounded walls – objects – are inserted into it. The intention is to create a wide range of different atmospheres from intimate nooks to open spaces. The shapes of the walls – screens are loosely based on the LASVIT logo, they represent flow, movement and secrets. The basic scenario of wall layout defines a large space in the middle of the hall, from which smaller paths to stops run. The walls are convex towards the center to create a quiet, undisturbed backdrop for events. The walls open to the perimeter walls of the building, along which the client’s path leads. In the corners of the walls there are designer pieces of furniture that evoke living. The living room, dining room, bedroom are complemented by suitable collections and inspires clients. The corners can also be used by LASVIT employees during the day for informal meetings or to expand with other workplaces. A viewing platform – posed – is used to install the lamps, which can be accessed by visitors and allow them to observe the space, movement and light from above.