The sloping land intended for new construction has an elongated dimension, which is based on the historical subdivision of the field arrangement of fields. The land is near the center of Chýň, in its vicinity is expected to significantly develop residential construction. It is bordered on the east side by a long private plot of land, which is difficult to stop due to its width. One day, the village could buy this land and turn it into a park, which would be connected to the Chřášťanská landfill, revitalized into a hill with a view.

The new school can stand alone for a long time in the field, on the edge of the residence, over time it will become part of the built-up structure of the village and the houses can be close. We have designed a house that can handle both locations and offer an understandable public space that will not disappear into the surroundings, but will become a solid cornerstone of the site.
We designed two courts, public and private. The two courtyards of the house correspond to the two courtyards. Northern part with classrooms and main living area. The southern part is designed for sports, auditorium and dining room with facilities and other necessary spaces that can operate independently of the southern part.
The building has three floors, and its height layout uses the slope of the land. It is possible to enter the terrain not only from the ground floor, but also from the first floor, which is connected to the sports complex. Outdoor classrooms are designed on the third floor, so each floor has direct access to the outdoor environment. The roof contains a living area and with gardens for growing work.

The school can be operationally divided into two basic modes – teaching, morning, when everything is accessible and afternoon, hobby, when only a part of the building with rings, a library, sports and possible culture in the auditorium is accessible to the public.


The school premises have two basic height levels in the sloping plot. The level of the first floor of the school with both yards and the second level of the sports complex one floor higher.
The entrance hall is a space for schoolchildren, for visitors to hobby programs and for the public. The courtyard is lined with a roof on columns, which helps define the space within an unspecified environment. Under the roof there are stands for bicycles and scooters, swings and covered seating for waiting for offspring. The way from the bus stop to the entrance to the school is partly “dry foot”. There are “war” stages for teenagers, sports surfaces for young schoolchildren, several trees and swings, perhaps for everyone.

The second courtyard contains dining tables that expand the capacity of the dining room. It also offers space for a game during the big break and free moments between afternoon activities. There are climbing frames, soft surfaces for bouncing and running, a basketball hoop and climbing frames. It is possible to enter the inner courtyard from the school hall, from the dining room and from the training kitchen. The roof awning at the façade and the nest with several mature trees prevent the “heat island” effect.

The sports complex contains several playgrounds. Athletic oval with an integrated football field measuring 45/90, on its eastern side with facilities where there is space for refreshments and an athletic tunnel. The space for spectators is on a bench at oval level and on the roof there is also a bench for spectators. The second course is between the school and the oval and contains a training fenced course, the size of which is including runs 24 / 46m. The playground can also be used during breaks. Paved sports areas are equipped with surfaces that allow rainfall. The main football field is covered with a grass carpet.