The client’s task was to build a universal sports hall with facilities and a grandstand for spectators by the river Elbe. The design won first place in an architectural competition.

The land is located at the northeastern edge of Cologne, behind the athletic stadium, delimited by a playground and a complex of tennis courts with its own hall. The set of sports grounds is surrounded by deciduous forest and the access road from Kolín leads along a walk along the Elbe, lined with a cycle path.

The following phenomena helped to define the proposal. Flat Kolín, where you ride a bike well. Friendly atmosphere of the city, which is just so big. The slow flow of the Elbe and the natural location of the place. The basic concept of the design is a low single-storey building, terminated by a roof with a large overlap and the wooden mass of the elevated hall. The delimitation of the low building by an awning brings a kind scale with a neighboring atmosphere. The overlap of the awning serves as a doorstep for resting teams between matches. Above the low building is a wooden “lantern” sports hall. The windows illuminating the hall refer to the falconry that lined the republic and demonstrated the optimistic spirit of the interwar period of state-building.

The layout solution is based on the basic decision to place all operations, changing rooms, warehouses, a bar with a café on one floor. Everything is easily accessible and quickly at hand. At the same time, there is good social control from the reception, which has an overview of what is happening in the background.

The entrance foyer is followed by refreshments with a reception and a space that will allow you to handle the influx of visitors after the match. Both spaces can be interconnected or closed. In the front part there are blocks of changing rooms, social facilities with toilets for visitors. The entrance is followed by the hall, so that the traffic of spectators and athletes is not mixed.