The design respects the previously prepared ground study and the functional areas of the draft master plan. In the western part, a square with a bus stop and a paved area of the square is created to allow for markets or other social events.

The design clearly defines the different public spaces – the square, the courtyard, the park, the school and kindergarten forecourt, and the school garden, making the whole area clear and easy to navigate for the residents.  The square is defined by two multifunctional buildings with commercial spaces on the ground floor. The school is located across the site and its shape and graded masses define different public spaces – a green courtyard, a solid school forecourt, and a smaller plaza at the entrance to the public part of the school.

The open and permeable green courtyard connects seamlessly to the plaza and directs students to the school entrance while offering a peaceful environment for both the new residents of the mixed-use buildings and the students of the school. The main front of the school and kindergarten is oriented towards the new park while facing the views of Brno.  Each floor of the school provides access to the outside, ensuring maximum comfort for children and teachers. The above-ground floors of the school are designed as wooden building and meet the requirements for a building with almost zero energy consumption.

The proposed school and nursery buildings refer to the character of the overgrown hillsides on the edge of the urban development and open countryside with their design and façade layout. As public buildings for education, the buildings seek to be educational for their students in a contemporary and climate-responsible context through the design of the structure and façade materials with a low carbon footprint.