The site is located at Hálková Street, which leads from Cihelský rybník, lines the center of Humpolec and opens into the countryside on the southern edge of the town. The street has a diverse character, from tight urbanistically clear places to loose areas without any purpose. It goes through the development of apartment buildings, shops, town villas to individual family houses. The area around the plot is dominated by housing estates from the 50s and 60s, three-storey houses on a raised plinth with a sloping roof. The interweaving of the point development of villa houses and solitary residential buildings, lined with an alley of trees creates a quiet residential character of the district.


The aim was to create an understandable urbanism that brings a clear urban environment with a clearly defined hierarchy from public to private. The house location respects the street line on the eastern side of Hálek´s Street and is connected to the development of housing estates. The longitudinal axis of the new building parallel to the street offers an almost ideal east-west orientation of the house with the possibility of one-sided oriented flats. Behind the house, on the side facing away from the street, a courtyard space is being created, which belongs to all three apartment buildings. Instead of an enclosed courtyard, we designed a park with trees, a gazebo and a playground accessible to all. The location between the three apartment buildings then brings natural social control. In the next stages of urban development, we propose to place an identical house with a volume north along Hálkova Street and to extend the park identically with the new development.